Fifth Wall:

Photography Degree Show

27 May 2015 - 6 June 2015

Fifth Wall is the Nottingham Trent University’s 19th Photo Festival, held by their final year BA (Hons) Photography students. It draws together the diverse range of artistic capabilities the course has within its photographic community. Fifth Wall is a celebration of creative development through the three years of study, with the chance for photographers to express their individual vision through the visual arts.

The festival is showcased through a collection of group exhibitions, on view between 26th May and 6th June 2015, within the city centre of Nottingham.

This exhibition features work by Georgina Godfree, Esther Gooch, Saffron Hopkinson, Edward Piper and James Stoddart.

Godfree's practice portrays many qualities surrounding the notion of flight. This project is centred on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle Of Britain, documenting an aircraft used at that time. Her work consists of installation and photographs that portray an alternative view of this iconic airframe.

Gooch creates work that explores the lure of open waters. Inspired by writing and poetry, she relies equally upon text and image to portray the feelings that these spaces lend to her.

Hopkinson documents the complex lives of Jehovah's Witnesses who separate themselves from mainstream society in an attempt to avoid what they believe is a corrupt and doomed world. Famed for their worldwide preaching work, the Witnesses put time and energy into spreading their message.

Piper’s work looks at the act of seeing without being seen and explores body language whilst waiting in a public place. By placing subjects within a split screen, a new form of interaction is made.

Stoddart approaches photography with scepticism, challenging the lack of time in images and explores photography’s relationship with notions of the ‘all-over painting’ and ‘action painting’ within Abstract Expressionism.

This project is supported by Nottingham Trent University.

Private View
26 May 2015 - 7.30pm